Freshman by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

If you enjoyed our Normal People rec last week, but are looking for something a bit more humorous, this is the book for you! Alternating between Phoebe and Luke’s points of view, the two college freshmen navigate new friends, awkward moments, and confusing romances during their first semester at York. One of the most realistic portrayals of college life I’ve ever read; I couldn’t stop laughing or wishing I’d gone to school in England (seriously, freshers week sounds incredible). Ivison and Ellen are in total command of this romantic comedy that begs for a sequel (there’s not one, but their other book A Totally Awkward Love Story also deserves checking out).


Classic: Stand By Me (Amazon)

If “Boys on Bikes” was a movie genre, it would be my favorite and Stand By Me is no exception. Based on the Stephen King short story The Body, this coming of age film tells the story of four boys on the hunt for a dead body. Though we are decades apart, I feel like I grew up with these boys – the intellectual Gordie (Wil Wheaton), born leader Chris (River Phoenix), emotionally disturbed Teddy (Corey Feldman), and nervous nancy Vern (Jerry O’Connell). This timeless film is about friendship and the unforgettable experiences of growing up.


Comedy: Miss Congeniality (Amazon)

Don’t let the shitty Rotten Tomatoes score fool you, this movie is hilarious and absolutely worth a re-watch. Sandra Bullock stars in the Bechdel test passing action-comedy as an FBI agent tasked with thwarting a terrorist plot against the Miss United States Pageant – excuse me – scholarship program. Whenever I need a good pick-me-up, I turn to this movie. Plus, we’re nearing April 25th (Miss Rhode Island’s perfect date), so you gotta watch it this weekend.


Drama: The Miseducation of Cameron Post (Hulu, Kanopy)

This is an absolute heart-aching film that deserves a watch this weekend. After she’s caught kissing another girl, Cameron Post (Chloe Grace Moretz) is sent to a Christian treatment camp called God’s Promise. While forced to participate in conversion therapy, she bonds with fellow residents as they pretend to go along with the disturbing process. This beautifully told story is honest and thoughtful. No surprise that it won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize.


Cringe: LOL (American-HBOGo) & LOL (French-Amazon)

Know that I’m deeply embarrassed to say this, but I have seen these movies more times than days I’ve been quarantined. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to stop watching them. Maybe it’s because I find the slice of life storytelling soothing? Or is it because the soundtracks are absolute fire? Perhaps it’s about the yearning between our two romantic leads? Either way, if the Duolingo owl is annoying you about practicing your French give this film (or its American counterpart) a whirl.


My Brilliant Friend (HBO Go)

This isn’t Netflix, you have no choice but to watch with subtitles (unless you’re fluent in Italian). This deserves your undivided attention. Based on Elena Ferrante’s book series, The Neapolitan Novels, this show follows the lifelong friendship of two girls who grow to become more like sisters in their small town in Naples during the 1950’s. While both are smart, beautiful, and destined for greatness, they each take completely separate paths in life, struggling more and more to be what the other needs. There is also a summer beach house that makes me wish I grew up on an Italian coast.

Good Omens (Amazon Prime)

Do you ever think about what it would look like if Michael Sheen and David Tennant were enemies to lovers? Look no further than this perfect limited series of the two men grooming an impressionable young boy who is single-handedly responsible for starting and stopping the apocalypse. Michael and David’s witty rapport will make you believe they’ve been dealing with each other since the beginning of time. I know it’s been on your watch list since it came out so just watch it already, it’s only six – 1hr episodes.

What does an astronaut in space, a cowboy being tied to a train, and a zombie outbreak have in common? They are all in Quibi ads. For those of you asking us, what is Quibi? Well, we aren’t quite sure either but we’ve checked out a few of their shows and here is what we’ve liked:

  • &Music – If you only have time for one Quibi (a quick bite), this is the one to feast on. Watch some of your favorite artists and their collaborators create their magic.
  • I Promise – An intimate look inside the highs and lows of year one at LeBron James’ I PROMISE School, serving the most at-risk students and families in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.
  • The Most Dangerous Game – The Hunger Games meets The Hunt meets The Last Song…ok maybe not the latter but I would definitely watch that. Watch a desperate Liam Hemsworth accept an offer to get out of debt.


Snacks Minute

Want to stay updated on current business and finance but can’t listen to the news without wanting to jump off a cliff? Listen to the Robinhood Snacks Minute – a 3 minute entertaining breakdown of the top business and finance stories of the day.


Instead of addressing the elephant in the room, we are just going to drop this here:

COACHELLA: 20 Years in the Desert

The night Beyonce closed out Coachella ‘18, my mom and I, both on separate coasts, had the live stream up right next to FaceTime as we reacted together in real time. It was Netflix Party before Netflix Party and it was incredible. We then rewound on Youtube the following weekend so we could once again be there in spirit. Now? We can all bear witness to Her brilliance in more ways than just on stage. Watching this doc motivated me for all of …maybe a couple hours? A new record.

Homecoming (Netflix)

And it’s New Music Friday! Here are a few of our favorites:


Hot Ones: Zac Efron

This made me really want to order a ton of wings from Domino’s and do my own version of Hot Ones. And just hang out with Zac Efron, anyone know what he is up to during quarantine?


I grew up in a Jewish/Catholic household which only means one thing…double dessert! Enjoy these treats this holiday weekend:

Matzo Crack

In honor of Pasach (Passover for the non-jews), check out this very easy and yummy recipe. All ingredients you will most likely already have in your kitchen. Fair warning, I made this last night and it’s almost gone.