Normal People By Sally Rooney

I read this book a while ago, yet the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself returning to it daily, if only just to read a couple of pages or listen to one of the chapters as I fall asleep (this is what happens when I have a surplus of Audible credits). A college-aged will-they-won’t-they romance full of miscommunications and uncomfortable moments that come with growing up; you’ll be thinking about this one long after you’ve finished the last page. Read it before the TV series based on the novel drops on Hulu, supposedly Spring 2020.


Classics: Good Will Hunting (Hulu)

Young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck?! Swoon. Wicked smart Will Hunting works as a janitor at MIT. When he solves a graduate-level math problem, his genius level talents are discovered by a professor who hopes to guide him to utilize his potential. Robin Williams is fantastic in it and Matt and Ben won an Academy Award for the screenplay.


Comedy: Fired Up! (Crackle)

I just want to say this was one of my favorite comedies BEFORE I started working at Olive Bridge and I am absolutely not being paid to put this on the Bridge this weekend. Look, if you feel like laughing until you pee your pants this weekend, watch this incredible movie about two football players heading to cheer camp.


Romance: Moulin Rouge! (HBO Go)

Is there anything more romantic than a romance that begins while putting on a production? No? Clearly you never did theatre in high school. Get ready to sing, swoon, and ultimately cry along as Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman star in this over-the-top musical spectacular spectacular.


Documentary: Fantastic Lies (Amazon/ESPN+)

Sports are cancelled! But at least there’s ESPN 30 for 30s. You can’t go wrong with any of these docs, but if you’re looking for a place to start, Fantastic Lies is great. Race, class, and gender tensions come to a head when Durham is rocked by the scandal of all scandals involving the Duke lacrosse team. Go Blue Devils!



Tiger King (Netflix)

Stop everything you are doing and watch this show. The best synopsis I can give you is the title – Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. It is absolutely bonkers and you won’t believe what you’re watching.

Elite (Netflix)

Did you like Gossip Girl but wish it were even more spicy? This series includes murder mysteries, deception, friend/family drama, and class issues. I love this show so much, whenever a new season drops I have to watch every episode immediately. Do yourself a favor and watch it with subtitles instead of dubbing it in English. You will grow attached to every character, even if you think you hate them.


My Dad Wrote a Porno

Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book and then you read it out loud for the class to hear. I don’t know whether I’d laugh or cry and with this podcast, you’ll do both.

Becoming – Audiobook

Written by Michelle Obama. Not a big reader? Listen to Michelle Obama describe her deeply personal experience as the former First Lady. Her voice is comforting and inspiring.


Together at Home

Tori Kelly & Jojo

BBC Radio Interview

Harry Styles & Zane Lowe

And it’s Friday so you know what that means…new music! Here are a few of our favorites:

35.31 – Childish Gambino
Tell Me It’ll Be Alright – Freedom Fry
Wildflower – 5 Seconds of Summer


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