Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao

At first glance, I thought this would be about two young girls in India weathering their circumstances together as their bond and friendship grew. It is so much more than that. Just as Poornima and Savitha have become attached at the hip in their small town in India, they are pulled from each other and forced to live on opposite sides of the globe. While their situations continue to deteriorate over time, the only thing pushing them forward is the hope of reuniting some day.


The First Time (Youtube [Free w/ ads] – Trailer)

Don’t sleep on Dylan O’Brien and don’t sleep on this movie. Dylan’s busy pining after the hottest girl at school (who’s friend-zoned him so hard, but Dylan’s a good guy, so he respects that) when he meets Britt Robertson at a Friday night party. Their chance meeting turns into a weekend of romance and a lot of firsts for both of them. Relive the best parts of high school this weekend with this indie rom-com featuring a stellar soundtrack.


Midnight Run (Amazon – Trailer)

This movie is talked about A LOT in Hollywood so I thought I would finally give this bad boy a watch. Obviously, Robert De Niro, a bounty hunter, and Charles Grodin, a fugitive accountant, traveling 3000 miles as they crisscross America did not disappoint. They travel through every mode of transportation and get involved in multiple car chases and gunfights. Since we can’t currently travel across America, I highly suggest you join these two this weekend.


The Sisters Brothers (Hulu – Trailer)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed, John C. Reilly, and Joaquin Phoenix. No it’s not a comic book crossover film, it’s a western! Jake and Riz decide to team up and build a new society in Texas with the wealth they find in the gold rush land of California. At first they’re on the run from brothers Joaquin and John, but when they combine forces to maximize gold findings, things take a turn for the worse.


Miss Juneteenth (Amazon – Trailer)

After Nicole Beharie’s scene stealing moments in the last season of Black Mirror, I knew I needed more of her on screen immediately. Her portrayal of Turquoise shows the depths and multitudes of a woman who knows her potential and what she’s capable of, and just wants to pass that power, knowledge, and strength on to her daughter. It’s more than just a pageant film.


Love, Victor (Hulu)

Picking up where Love, Simon left off, but with a completely new character, the show follows a recent Atlanta transplant, Victor as he navigates his sophomore year and discovers his sexuality at Creekwood High. How is this a spin-off of Love, Simon, you ask? Oh, Simon is giving Victor advice via Instagram DM. I laughed, I cried (of course), and I watched it all in one day. Do yourself a favor and binge Love, Victor this weekend.

I May Destroy You (HBO)

I’m only a little bitter at the fact that the UK has access to all of these episodes before us. I want to know more about what is happening! Michaela Coel is professional in everything she sets out to do. Right next to Chewing Gum, it is one of the shows that makes me stare jaw dropped at the screen and think “I wish I was in on this”.


Code Switch

Hosted by journalists of color, Code Switch tackles the subject of race head-on and how it impacts every part of society. You can’t really go wrong with picking an episode to start with but here are a few I love: The All-Women Mariachi Group That’s Lifting Our Spirits, Why Now, White People?, Sex, Friendship and Aging: ‘It’s Not All Downhill From Here.

You Must Remember This: Song of the South

We recommended this at the beginning of quarantine, but since Disney announced they’ll be overhauling Splash Mountain, we thought we’d bring this podcast back into the collective consciousness. If you even thought “awe why,” re: Disney’s announcement, you need to listen.


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