The Girls by Emma Cline

Loosely based on the Manson girls’ stories, you won’t be able to put this novel down until you turn the final page. Evie Boyd, a lonely teen, gets seduced by the carefree, dangerous girls who belong to a soon-to-be infamous cult. As the summer progresses, Evie gets pulled further away from reality and into something dangerous. I read this for the first time on a trip through Italy, and let me tell you, this is one of those books that transports you, no matter where you are. Can someone please tell me when we’re finally getting the film?


Knives Out (Amazon – Trailer)

If you think you’re a bad poker player, I promise Marta Cabrera (Ana De Armas) is worse. If you haven’t seen this hilarious and thrilling whodunit, KNIVES OUT is worth the watch with the family this weekend. You won’t be able to think of white sweaters, the game of Go, and Daniel Craig’s accent the same ever again.


Inside Man (Netflix – Trailer)

This movie had my attention the second it started playing a classic Bollywood track. Clive Owen is a bank robber who wants one specific thing with zero intention of hurting any hostages to get it. He’s smart and reasonable, which completely throws Detective Denzel (Washington) for a loop when he gets away with his master plan. You’ll love watching this one unravel.


Ocean’s Eleven (Amazon – Trailer)

I don’t know if these are quotes that other people also use or if I just have these phrases memorized, but I say “we’re in Barney” and “I only lied about being a thief” regularly without much reason. That’s how catchy this movie is. With a soundtrack full of your favorite elevator music, it makes robbing 3 casinos seem ~cool~ and to this day, I’m still convinced!


Rush Hour 2 (Amazon – Trailer)

I cannot tell you how many times my brothers and I have seen this movie (and how many times I was the subject of Jackie Chan’s masterclass). Warning: this might not be the most PC movie but I promise it will take you on a ride right back to the early 2000s. After an explosion at the US Embassy in Hong Kong, inspector Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker search for the mastermind to solve the case. It is really important to make it to the bloopers: gefilte fish!



How do you describe a show, in a few sentences, that absolutely changed your life. First of all, my phone password still references an episode from Season 1. Second of all, I still think the deductions laid out on screen are some of the most visually stunning things I’ve seen on television. And thirdly, Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t need to wax poetic about this show; you and I both know it’s incredible and if you haven’t watched, you need to look at your life and your choices.

American Vandal

Listen, season one is really funny. But if you’re too mature for dick jokes, I respect that, I guess? Hopefully season two hooks you in the first 3 minutes as it did me. It will rapidly take you from “What is going on?” to “Oh no, are they really going there with this?” to “Okay, yes. Let’s do this.” I don’t want to spoil anything, but give yourself a fair chance and don’t watch this while eating.


Slowburn: David Duke

The story of David Duke’s rise to power and what it took to stop him. Only three episodes are out, but seeing as the first three draw a direct parallel between Duke and Trump’s rise to power, I’m dying to see how this ends. So you know, we can take down Trump in November (or preferably before).


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