The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

At some point in life you may find yourself to be a teenager who is, dare I say, full of angst? Salinger inspired me with this book. Before I read it, I’m not sure anything so clearly articulated the confusing emotions I felt about things I was observing for the first time. Oddly enough, I once again find myself in a position where my emotions don’t make sense because nothing is normal! Haha, it’s fine. Take a quick trip down memory lane with Holden as he unloads his stream of consciousness along the streets of NYC.


Classic: St. Elmo’s Fire (Amazon)

This one has a major theme of “grappling with adulthood”. But…are we ever not? A couple members of the Brat Pack team up for this ensemble where emotions run high. There’s romance, laughs, trials, tribulations, the works! If you’ve been feeling burnt out, I can almost guarantee this will help you recalibrate. And no that’s not the lifeguard from Stranger Things, it’s Rob Lowe!


Comedy: Stick It (Amazon)

During my tomboy stage, all I wanted to be was Haley Graham. She has cool friends, can skateboard, and not to mention is an incredible gymnast. After a run-in with the law, Haley is forced to attend the elite gymnastics academy run by a legendary coach (Jeff Bridges). Madison will kill me for saying this but it’s the pre-CHEER. Hey, we all know it’s not called gym-nice-stics.


Romance: Love, Rosie (Netflix)

This is the ultimate will-they-won’t they rom-dram. Lily Collins and Sam Claflin star in this gem of a movie about two best friends who never seem to get the timing right. This is my favorite movie to put on when I have no idea what to watch. The tenth watch is just as entertaining as the first.


Drama: Eighth Grade (Amazon Prime)

My high school friends tell me daily that I remind them of Elsie Fisher in Eighth Grade. Not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult, but we do follow the same people on Tumblr (cough accio-sh*tpost cough). If you haven’t seen it, what are you doing with your life? If you have, it’s a great re-watch that’ll make you laugh, cringe, and maybe tear up a bit. Warning, Elsie Fisher has some terrible manners. Seriously, my parents would murder me if I showed up to the dinner table wearing headphones.



Outer Banks (Netflix)

OBX, baby! It’s like someone decided to make a show specifically for me. It’s THE OC meets VERONICA MARS, complete with the cheesy opening straight out of the early-aughts. Set in the Outer Banks (obviously), the series follows four best friends as they accidentally get caught up in a 400 million dollar treasure hunt. Yeah, bet you didn’t see that one coming. Please watch this so I have someone else to talk about it with, because this series is taking over my life.

Too Hot to Handle (Netflix)

Have been thinking real hard about how to describe this without spoiling anything. A bunch of conventionally attractive folks with commitment issues don’t know what they’re in for when Lana (basically Alexa) tells them their 4 week retreat is actually going to be spent building deeper connections with themselves and others. No kissing, no sexual contact, and if they do, money is deducted from a 100k prize for each penalty. Spoiler alert: mistakes are made.

The Last Dance (ESPN)

I haven’t seen my brother this happy since he got his N64 for Christmas in 1999. As you’ve probably seen all over social media, the first two episodes of the 10 part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls aired on Sunday. Two episodes will be released every Sunday on ESPN.


The Daily

Everyone knows Michael Barbaro and everyone knows about the Daily. Without my commute, I haven’t been listening to it everyday but just wanted to highlight some of my favorite episodes: The Next Year (or Two) of the Pandemic, The Woman Defending Harvey Weinstein, and The Jungle Prince 3 Part Series.


flirty & thriving (Sohany)

Way back (last week, I think?) when I decided to post all 30 days of the challenge in one night. There are some subs in here because IG/Apple music are not my friends.

Isolated birthday bops (Madison)

Happy taurus season kids! I made this for my favorite cusp baby (legally an aries), Sohany’s, birthday! Enjoy the bops!

13.1 (Jacqueline)

Yesterday was Marathon Monday and I had cookies for lunch. If you’re feeling motivated, here’s a running playlist I made last summer.


I’m not saying I believe in Aliens, but if I did…

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“Real Aliens Be Like 👽”