Know My Name by Chanel Miller

One of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. Known for her powerful victim impact statement she read during Brock Turner’s sentencing, Miller recounts her story, the whole while reintroducing herself to the world as a writer, artist, and survivor. It’s a hard book; it will make you scream and it will make you cry. Make sure you take breaks with this one. That being said, it’s such an important book to read and I do believe that if everyone read this book, the world would be changed for the better.


We are really missing sports, so here are a few of our favorite sports movies:

Classics: The Sandlot (Amazon)

Probably one of the most quoted movies of all time. We’ve all seen it and yet, we will happily watch it over and over again. Watch Scottie Smalls make friends with a group of kids who play baseball at the sandlot.

A League of Their Own (Amazon)

Is there a more perfect movie than A League of their Own? Based on the real life exploits of the All-American Girls Baseball League, two sisters leave home and help the war effort by taking over for the boys on the baseball field. Tom Hanks and Geena Davis star in this Bechdel test passing film that leaves you both laughing and crying. But try not to cry too much, because remember – ‘there’s no crying in baseball!’


Comedy: Heavyweights (Disney+)

This movie screams nostalgia for me. It must be Ben Stiller with that crazy hair and Kenan Thompson’s early comedy chops. Watch this group of outcasts weather chaotic times together as they outsmart and overthrow the bad guys. They come into their own, find their confidence, play to their strengths, and embrace one another as well as themselves. I have also been using the “buddy system” my entire life.


Romance: Bend it Like Beckham (Amazon)

This is a top 10 for me, I still remember the excitement from watching people who looked like me on screen. Jess is a kickass football (soccer) player, but her traditional Indian parents just want her to stick to the status quo. She sticks it to them by joining a semi-pro team and lying to them in order to play. She develops romantic feelings for a colonizer who also happens to be her coach. All things her family obviously approves of. They eventually come around, but the journey’s sure not easy as she deals with racism and culture clashes in the UK.


Drama: Friday Night Lights (Hulu)

Growing up with an older brother who played college football, I’ve seen probably every football movie out there and this is my favorite. Based on the H.G. Bissinger book, high school football coach Billy Bob Thornton leads his small town Texas team on a rocky path to the state title. This movie inspired the show we all know too well.



Self Made (Netflix)

In case Netflix hasn’t told you a million times to watch their new show Self Made, we will do it here (but don’t worry, we won’t start playing it without asking). Octavia Spencer stars in this modern twist to the story of Madam CJ Walker, the first black woman to become a self-made millionaire.

Derry Girls (Netflix)

If you need a good laugh, there’s nothing like putting on an episode of Derry Girls. It’s incredibly smart, but also incredibly absurd, yet, somehow totally grounded in the realities of being a teenager. Though the first two seasons take place in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, there are more urgent matters for our heroes to attend to: crushes, concerts, class trips, and gossip. Pro-tip: If you’re not familiar with a Northern Irish accent, you may want to turn on subtitles.


2 Dope Queens

If you followed last weekend’s recommendation listening to Michelle Obama’s Becoming, check out this 2 Dope Queens interview with her. Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are hilarious and host a live comedy show in Brooklyn.

Nobe Blood

Since we’re stuck inside, we might as well learn something. Dana Schwartz’s podcast dives into the bloody, brutal, and down right tragic stories of some of the most fascinating royals. There’s already a bunch of episodes featuring figures like Marie Antoinette and Empress Wu, but if you’ve already binged your way through these a new episode is dropping today!


Fresh (Madison)

For when the year was still young and I had grand plans.

vrddhi (Sohany)

For when Zane Lowe eventually asks ME to do a Beats 1 “Specials” interview.

JAMS (Jacqueline)

Just songs I’ve been jamming to.


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“An Israeli man walks his dog via drone (source: Facebook)”

If quarantine has taught me anything, there are really smart people in this world…

BUT then there are also a lot of people who are not as smart…

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